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  • What is your experience supporting finance clients?

    Our award winning service has provided a multitude of services for numerous retail clients across the world. We believe in open communication to better develop campaigns and messaging to reach customers at the optimum time within the customer funnel.

  • Why do I need an agency?

    In today’s ever changing competitive marketplace a strong online presence is crucial in order to attract new customers and retain profits. Consumers are turning to online resources at an increasing rate and not being visible to those potential customers equals lost opportunity. At AVX Digital, we work with your team to understand exactly the target market you want to aquire or retain and then build a strategy plan to execute the best campaigns.

  • What services do you recommend for a finance client?

    Although AVX Digital offers expertise on all digital marketing services, we prefer to discuss with our clients their overall objectives and then develop a strategy that best suits those needs.


When all is said and done, performance is what matters and our team at AVX Digital understands that. We have compiled just a few of the many success stories that have led to a retention rate of over 95%! Check out a few. We’d be happy to talk you through the details!


AVX Digital works diligently to drive lead generation, new customer acquisition, and develop marketing strategies to bring overall ROI-positive results to all forms of financial institutions. The experts are able to work with financial businesses within personal, commercial, and specialty finance firms.

AVX Digital can be an extension of personal banking businesses such as personal checking, savings, credit card, loans, money market, estate planning, financial planning, accounting, and more, helping firms drive new customer acquisition and ultimately firm growth.

Commercial banking may include but is not limited to; business loans, venture capital, and angel investing. Business loan campaigns can be segmented into more detail such as SBA Loans, Agricultural Loans, Revolvers, and term loans. AVX uses advanced targeting algorithms to drive unique marketing campaigns, allowing commercial banks to reach decision-makers in the most cost-friendly manner possible.

AVX Digital also carries a wealth of experience within specialty financial niche markets such as probate, healthcare, personal injury, legal, and other forms of specialty lending. While abiding by similar concepts as personal and consumer banking, specialty financial firms require a unique and rare level of niche understanding of the market to see significant ROI growth.

  • $10,000,000,000 Under Client Management
  • 5 Private Equity Partnerships

Machine Learning & AI Drive Results

AVX Digital is able to work with a wide variety of businesses and lead top-performing campaigns by leveraging machine learning and AI with detailed targeting mechanisms to elevate campaigns toward the best audience segments. Using sophisticated algorithms and research strategies to target audiences with a high propensity of need will lead AVX to drive better quality traffic to websites and increase client acquisition.

Each project requires the AVX team to craft custom campaign strategies and audience segments to find the best fit for each business. Regardless of the specific financial market, AVX Digital can help performance along all touchpoints for a well-rounded omnichannel solution to drive new customer acquisition, long term growth, and consistent ROI.