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  • Are you HIPAA Certified?

    Yes, everyone at AVX Digital is HIPAA certified and we follow best practices to ensure that all sensitive material is handled accordingly.

  • What is your experience supporting Healthcare clients?

    Our award-winning service has provided a multitude of services for numerous healthcare clients over the years. We believe in open communication to better develop campaigns and messaging to reach customers at the optimum time within the customer funnel.

  • Why do I need an agency?

    In today’s ever changing competitive marketplace a strong online presence is crucial in order to attract new patients and retain profits. Consumers and patients are turning to online resources at an increasing rate for healthcare needs and not being visible to those patients equals lost opportunity. At AVX Digital, we work with your team to understand exactly the target market you want to aquire or retain and then build a strategy plan to execute the best campaigns.

  • What services do you recommend for Healthcare clients?

    Although AVX Digital offers expertise on all digital marketing services, we prefer to discuss with our clients their overall objectives and then develop a strategy that best suits those needs.


When all is said and done, performance is what matters and our team at AVX Digital understands that. We have compiled just a few of the many success stories that have led to a retention rate of over 95%! Check out a few. We’d be happy to talk you through the details!


Digital marketing is a great opportunity for businesses to grow with a broad range of methods that can attract and engage with past or potential patients. With the help of AVX Digital, medical practices can depend on the experts to implement the best techniques to gain patients at an ROI-positive level.

Organic growth of site traffic and site engagement can be acquired through search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that transform websites into a helpful resource for visitors that is easy to find, navigate, and transition regular users into active patients. Patients are likely to research online before committing to visiting a medical office. Websites are a great platform to develop and share educational content to inform and answer medical questions that visitors are looking for. Within any form of content, SEO can ensure that the right techniques are supporting content and ultimately puts the website in position to rise on the search engine results page. Ultimately, the foundation of a well crafted digital marketing strategy is a professional, organized, and highly functioning website that many other marketing initiatives can direct visitors to, serving as the foundation for media campaigns. AVX Digital’s SEO and development teams constantly update their practices to the ever-changing algorithms and always ensure that best practices are being used!

Due to many competitors in the healthcare industry, additional efforts in digital marketing may be needed to stand out to potential clients. Paid advertising is available in many forms, ultimately guided by what is most effective to reach specific types of patients. Advanced targeting, machine learning, and AI can ensure that core patients are being reached and directed to relevant content about the medical practice. For the healthcare industry, this is incredibly impactful to help find qualified leads rather than a simple lift of calls and forms. By understanding the healthcare industry as a whole, AVX Digital can leverage historical data from past campaigns to understand how far patients are willing to travel for certain procedures, what types of conditions/treatments are most valuable to a physician, and what channels work best for reaching them. In addition, AVX Digital has the ability to run a patient matchback analysis to learn more details about the leads that convert to patients and inform smarter online advertising decision making.

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Naturally, many users do not understand the ins and outs of the healthcare and health insurance space. This is where social media can be implemented to break the barriers and mend any misconceptions or fears the public may have when visiting the doctor. Social Media is a less formal platform that enables businesses to engage with the public and can even broaden their audience base beyond current followers. This can be a tool used to promote brand awareness, direct visitors to the site for more information, and get qualified leads for the practice. Social media is being implemented in digital marketing strategies due to the fact that not only can businesses be more engaging, but users have the capability of sharing posts to their network, serving as digital referrals for the business!

Personal referrals and recommendations are extremely effective in the client acquisition process. When users are doing research on professionals or their entire practice, organic reviews from past patients can be very influential. Patients often rely on these reviews when making decisions about which physician to choose. AVX Digital considers this a great asset and can assist in building a strong reputation for physicians and the leaders in the industry. Online reputation management (ORM) supports businesses by encouraging former patients to leave reviews that reflect their positive experiences. ORM can drive an increased number of positive reviews and enhance the validation it establishes for viewers, while suppressing and limiting any past negative visibility.

AVX Digital values transparency for all clients, regardless of the industry. This is represented by the 24/7 dashboards that are developed for each client to view ongoing reporting at all stages of the campaign. All reporting for cases in the healthcare industry is within the guidelines of HIPAA regulations and for any questions, every client has a dedicated Account Manager that will be made available to them!