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  • What is your experience supporting retail clients?

    Our award winning service has provided a multitude of services for numerous retail clients across the world. We believe in open communication to better develop campaigns and messaging to reach customers at the optimum time within the customer funnel.

  • Why do I need an agency?

    In today’s ever changing competitive marketplace a strong online presence is crucial in order to attract new customers and retain profits. Consumers are turning to online resources at an increasing rate and not being visible to those potential customers equals lost opportunity. At AVX Digital, we work with your team to understand exactly the target market you want to aquire or retain and then build a strategy plan to execute the best campaigns.

  • What services do you recommend for a retail client?

    Although AVX Digital offers expertise on all digital marketing services, we prefer to discuss with our clients their overall objectives and then develop a strategy that best suits those needs.


When all is said and done, performance is what matters and our team at AVX Digital understands that. We have compiled just a few of the many success stories that have led to a retention rate of over 95%! Check out a few. We’d be happy to talk you through the details!


Historically, the retail industry has been at the mercy of the consumer’s shopping behavior. The integration of digital technology has been an asset for marketers to better understand the complexities of the average consumer. A deliberate and well-thought-out digital presence is no longer a necessity for only eCommerce retailers. Brick and mortar retailers have found an increase in conversions, and overall profitability on and offline through digital marketing campaigns, as well. AVX Digital has accomplished many successes within the retail industry, generating positive ROI with tactics like social media marketing, customized web development, dynamic advertising, and much more.

Oftentimes, even if consumers go in-store to complete a purchase, their shopping journey likely began on the retailer’s website, or at least on a search engine. Regardless of commerce capabilities or not (by now they should), a retailer with an engaging site can still gain positive traction and drive customer acquisition. AVX Digital’s team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists are fluent in understanding of search engine algorithms and specific qualities throughout websites that can have a positive or negative impact on organic search. Many technical optimizations can be implemented on the front and back end of a site, not only to benefit the customer’s shopping experience but to maximize visibility on search engines. Taking advantage of a fully functioning website can help retailers stand out from other competitors.

While SEO often aims to drive users to the website, brands often disregard the question “What happens to users once they get to the site?”. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) aims to do just that. CRO works to amplify results by implementing opportunities of change on a site to drive higher conversion rates. AVX Digital leverages leading software that tracks users’ site engagement and behavior, gathers comprehensive data, and identifies strong and weak points throughout the site. The AVX Digital design teams can analyze this data to gain data-driven insights and adapt the site, or mobile application with beneficial changes. CRO works to boost the consumer-centric experience while producing profitable results. While small changes to a website can seem minor and inconsequential, these improvements help users more easily navigate throughout the site, seamlessly find the products they were searching for, and complete their purchase cycle.

  • 300+ Stores Managed
  • 100s of Publisher Capabilities

Paid search is a complementary addition to organic efforts to enhance positioning on search engines and overall site traffic. This type of advertising utilizes advanced keyword targeting to be visible to users who are actively searching for relevant retailers or specific products. These paid promotions create an ad campaign for selected keywords or phrases that users use to search for a brand, product, or service. By prioritizing the most valuable opportunities within paid search campaigns, efforts can be directed to the most effective segments and lower cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition.

Additionally, social media can also be a great network for brands to engage with retail customers, proactively drive customer retention, and enhance the overall digital presence. AVX Digital’s social media team can enhance organic content as well as advertise paid campaigns on any social platform utilized. Social media advertising can expand retailers’ reach to larger audiences, increase brand awareness, and promote a positive brand reputation – developed through uniquely cultivated content that is personalized by an established brand voice.

The digital era has brought marketers more intelligent advertising opportunities than ever before. An advanced capability of advertising to users who have view products or items that are similar is called dynamic feed-based advertising. These can be positioned on platforms such as social media and SERPS, or ideally, wherever the right user is. Dynamic Ads can retarget to consumers who were further into the sales funnel before leaving the site, while remarketing products that a consumer was interested in. There are many types of Dynamic Ads that can be evaluated by the experts at AVX Digital to identify the best fit for certain retailers and their specific audiences.

Many of the advertising initiatives that the teams at AVX Digital implement are supported by advanced analytics and targeting mechanisms, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This cutting-edge technology amplifies the effectiveness of campaign budgets of any size by pinpointing opportunities to pivot allocated amounts of ad spend to the highest performing segments. Machine Learning and AI ensures that campaigns are not stagnant and changes for improvement are made around the clock for the best results. AVX Digital cares for clients’ budgets as if it were their own – giving each client the utmost consideration for the most successful campaigns possible.

AXV Digital values transparency with each and every client. This is why 24/7 dashboards are developed and shared with clients to provide a live report of campaign performance and its accrued ROI. Through this resource and additional communication with a dedicated account manager, clients can have ease of mind throughout every step of the process.

To see how AVX Digital can enhance your retailing business, contact AVX Digital here for additional information.